Andrea Benham

Legal Records


Reached in mass tort case against pharmaceutical company for $500 million, compensating victims of harmful drug side effects.

Class Action Certification

In some instances, mass tort lawsuits may be certified as class actions, allowing a large group of similarly situated plaintiffs to pursue claims collectively. 

Multi-district litigation

Established for mass tort claims involving defective medical devices, consolidating cases for streamlined proceedings.


Underway into potential mass tort involving consumer product linked to widespread injuries that lead to investigating mass tort.

Mass tort litigation

Against chemical manufacturer gains momentum as evidence of toxic exposure mounts, impacting communities nationwide.

Injunctive Relief

In addition to monetary compensation, mass tort litigation may result in injunctive relief, such as court orders requiring defendants to cease harmful practices.


Following trial court decisions or settlements, parties may file appeals to challenge legal rulings or outcomes. Appellate courts review the proceedings and may affirm, reverse, or modify lower court decisions.


Mass tort cases that proceed to trial may result in verdicts rendered by judges or juries. Verdicts can determine liability and award damages to plaintiffs based on evidence presented during trial proceedings.

Regulatory Changes

Mass tort litigation can influence regulatory policies and industry practices, prompting legislative or regulatory changes aimed at preventing similar harms in the future. 

Industry Reforms

High-profile mass tort cases may prompt reforms within affected industries, as companies seek to mitigate legal risks, enhance product safety, or improve corporate accountability.