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Shannon Williams (Billboard 100 Complier)-This is nice!

@revival88bass (#NuHouseGrooves #strictlyhouseFM)-Cheyne mix is nice

Blubble Wrappe-Beautiful drums

DJ Timm Hines-ONE OF THE BEST TRACKS OF 2021!!! Thumbs UP! Will fully support on my weekly radio show ‘THIS IS FOR MY HOUSE HEADS’ on the BN4iA network and my weekly Tuesday 9pm (est) Twitch Stream @djtimmhines

The SoundLab UK-Nice track

The Noise House (Multiple Radioshows)-for use in radio show promo folder

Marcus iLL (Cambodia)-Well done

Nik Denton (Gaydio)-Funky

Gavin Edensor (Dance Anthems On Cannock Chase Radio FM 89.6 & 94)-Great track, have some support from me :)

Njoy (Jaded Soul | Unity DA-I like this Cheyne Christian remix. 

Coercio (@SIRIUSXM @Armada @asot Sundays)-Nice ones 

Lexlay (Happy Techno)-Nice release, thanks for the cool music I will try! 

Njoy (Jaded Soul | Unity DAB)-I like this Cheyne Christian remix. 

Gavin Edensor (Dance Anthems On Cannock Chase Radio FM 89.6 & 94) -Great track, have some support from me :) 

The Noise House (Multiple Radioshows)-for use in radio show promo folder

Ben Mabon (Koast Radio)- Love This ! 

DJ Toni French (@ibizasonica @ibizaradio)-Nice track 

Jeff Jonas (Billboard 100 Complier)-nice b 

Nipsy (Pointblank FM)-Great track 

RH202 (Slovenia)- good remixes 

Sean Sines (Subliminal Records) 

The Edge Radioshow-Nice will support in sets Cheers 

Mike Filly (Billboard 100 Compiler) (Billboard 100 Complier)-Love the sound feel and production on here, refreshing 

Christos Angelos (ARIA Chart Compiler)-sweet tune 

Adam E (SG1 Radio)-great track 

Ashley Marshal-Nichols Dj OPD (Leicester)-quality tune 

Alex Kentucky (Ibiza)-Ibizaglobalradio support!! 

Tim Barnett (Utter Sounds | Circl8 | Elev8 | TooHot)-Raft of summer vibed releases continues. This is ace and will fit into poolside/summer themed sets all week!!! Maybe even get to play it out soon.....?????? 

Jon Maby (@nbcradiouk)-good vibes 

Radio Nova Bulgaria (Bulgaria)-Nice melodic vibe in John Kano's remix. Thanks! 

Adam Trace (Kiss FM | ARIA Chart contributor)-nice one 

@djfreshnyc @billboarddance-Got That Poolside vibe 

Julien Boutt (Witt FM)-good track thank you 

Erick T & Broz Rodriguez-Downloading for XDM Radio 

Ron Slomowicz (Billboard 100 Complier)-Cool tunes


Tommie Sunshine- love this remix!!! 

Steve Hart- Cool stuff - thanks 

Rafy Nieves-Good!! 

Next Music USA- Will be including both Mix-Show and rotation on 

DJ Igybj- Nice track love the vocals full support 5/5 

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Insomniac Radio Original is Cool 

CD Pool- Solid Dance Package 

Colin Spencer-Thank you: enjoyable and looking forward to hearing more by Andrea 

Alan Lee (Zest Radio) -Support from me 

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Marcus iLL- Great Package 

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David Guetta + Idris Elba  - Tasty 

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Shant Amadeus- Thanks for sending me the ‘Walk Away’ track! You’re voice is perfect for it and so glad I had the pleasure of playing it recently. Keep up the great work! 

Matt Consola-Always love a good Scene Kings Mix. Will test it out on our radio show 

Nipsy-Nice track 

Curtis Jay-Strong remix from The Scene Kings 

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Russell-Brilliant. Tidy beats & percussion. Basslines mint. Piano & vocals are stunning. Thank you for such a great track!! 

Simon Palmer-I shouldn't like this but I do 

Rob Williams-Nice EP from Andrea Benham 

RH202-great release 

The SoundLab UK-Nice track 

Lexlay- Amazing work 

Jon Maby-all good nice sounds 

Dash Berlin-Nice one! 

Ron Slomowicz-So great to hear new music from Drea! 

Bryant Littlejohn-HOT HOT HOT


Andrea Benham moved to Hoboken 5 years ago in pursuit of her dream to make it in the music industry.  With her new hit out, “I won’t cave” she is doing just that.   Originally form Hillsboro, Andrea saw Annie at a young age and that started it all.  She started dancing at age 3 and her first dance teacher was none other than one of the Rockette dancers.  By age 7 she was singing and writing her own songs.  There has been no looking back since. She was discovered in 2006 on MySpace by internationally acclaimed duo Klubjumpers who remixed her breakout single, “Reincarnation.”  The song was picked all across the radio on SiriusXM, KTU, WPMA(Delaware) and Kiss FM to name a few.  She put out her own record in 2007 through DreaMuzic.  Her first big gig was her release party at Soul City in Ibiza.  Finally, in 2011 her pop dance smash “Dance with You Tonight” was nominated for best dance recording at the Grammys. She’s now back out with a new hit “I Won’t Cave.”  This hit is based on a personal relationship that ended up bad.  Benham states, “A guy I was dating and fell hard for just took my heart and stomped on it.”  It progressively got worse but she turned to her music and “tried to be strong.”  She hopes other woman will hear the message in her song and stand up for themselves. “I Won’t Cave” is currently ranked 24 on the top dance hits on the radio right now.  You can hear it on rotation all across the country on radio stations and online music sites.  You can also found out more about Andrea on her website at more: Our Hometown Grammy Singer, Andrea Benham” - Joe Mindak

— HMag

ANDREA BENHAM RELEASES “I WON’T CAVE” EP Hot new single aims to raise awareness of domestic violence  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 27, 2014 New York, N.Y. – Dance music artist ANDREA BENHAM delivers another smash with “I Won’t Cave.” Unlike other electronic dance tracks, “I Won’t Cave” serves up a message to all women and men in relationships: stand your ground. “The story behind the song is something many people can relate to: a guy I was dating and fell hard for just took my heart and stomped on it,” says Benham. “I couldn’t get in touch with him for a few days. I went out to a bar in Hoboken [New Jersey] and couldn’t believe it - there he was, with his arm around some other woman. My head and my heart felt like they were going through a hurricane,” she admits. Interesting choice of words, considering the winds and rains of Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy were raging, right outside the bar. Benham’s trials and tribulations with this man didn’t end there. “He became possessive of me. He would call, text, email nonstop. I would go for a walk in Hoboken, and there he was,” she says. “He would say the ‘right thing’ and I would want to go back to him, just to be emotionally abused again. I had to work through this situation, and try to be strong,” she explains. “I turned to my music, and “I Won’t Cave” was born. With this track, Benham hopes all her fans, old and new, will hear the deeper message of standing up for themselves. That message is set over a throbbing house bass line masterfully laid down by Grammy-nominated producer Giuseppe D. Strong vocals are a given in all of Benham’s tracks. But with such a personal story behind the song, her vocals this time emit raw, uncut emotion never previously heard. “I Won’t Cave” The Total Package releases on iTunes April 8th, 2014. Remixes include: Rodion Gordin, Joe Gillian, Mike Jolly, and Seal De Green. The track is currently in rotation on 54 Mixshows with Radio and Club play in US, Canada, Spain, Italy, UK, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Japan, Australia, Colombia, and the British Virgin Islands. Andrea Benham is a veteran recording artist with tracks signed to MisWax Records, Kult Records, NYC Traxx/Universal and DreaMuzic. Discovered in 2006 via MySpace by internationally acclaimed duo Klubjumpers (who remixed her breakout single “Reincarnation”), Benham has since worked with acclaimed producers and DJs including De Lorean, Rooster and Peralta, Brian Howe, DJ Russ Harris, and DJ Riddler. She was up for a Grammy Nomination for Best Dance Recording 2012 with the hit “Dance With You Tonight.” She has performed all over the world, and most recently was nominated for Female Artist of the Year for the 2013 Hoboken Music Awards. For More Information/Interview Requests: Robyn Smith RSTAR Publicity 516.236.0299” - Robyn Smith

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I Won't Cave Quotes Pabanor in Palm Beach, Florida “Will be supporting this track on my sets and my Internet station.” DJ Josee Leonard in Ottawa, Canada “Love it!” Sean Ison in Newcastle, Australia “Very chunky piece of house.” Justin Testa in Revere, Massachusetts “Giuseppe D. still tears it up! Great vocals!” Richard “DJ Richnitemare” Mair in Weston, Florida “Nice vocals and poppin’ beat!” Lee Roden in Bliston, United Kingdom “Great track, will be a big hit!” Sam Randell in Andover, United Kingdom “Good pop record, will be spinning.” Tyrone D. “Mista T. Dot” Sterling in Toronto, Canada “Wicked track man!” Darryl “Awesome” Owens in Chicago, Illinois “Sweet vocals, great rhythm…awesome!” Terry Kicks in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania “Catchy beats with clean, clear vocal!” Sammy DeFrancesco in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania “As always, love Giuseppe D.” Anthony Dimino in Howell, New Jersey “Love this track, werk! Love the vocals!” ” - Harry Towers Promotion

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The swanky and sort-of-new hot spot Room 84, on the corner of Newark and Washington streets in Hoboken, isn’t just a plush lounge for Hudson County’s nightlife elite. It’s also the backdrop for a new music video by Hoboken resident Andrea Benham, who began shooting the video for her single “My Life” at the establishment back in March. Benham, who moved to Hoboken last October, has four albums out. But before she was an up-and-coming performing artist, she was a bartender at the 84 Washington St. location back when Room 84 was the local Hoboken haunt Bar None.“The song is basically about a girl that is continuously trying [to succeed] but no matter what she does, people are always knocking her [down],” Benham said. _____________“You have to take your own gratification, no matter what happens.” – Andrea Benham________ Born in Princeton, Benham has worked hard for her success. She has studied dance at The Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan since 1996, and that same year performed during halftime at a New York Football Giants game in front of a crowd of 76,000 people.“At the end of the day,” she said, “you have to take your own gratification, no matter what happens.” The storyline of the video mirrors the strong lyrics of the song. “The video definitely represents a story,” Benham said. “I walk into a room and my boss is telling me off, and then I go to another guy and he’s like ‘I’m done with you.’” And of course, the pop dance video ends with a bang. “We have a big party scene,” she said.But for Benham, the making of the video was anything but a party. The artist might be a talented performer, but is certainly one to micromanage.“The hardest part of making the video was the schedule,” she said. “I was in dance classes and then I would have rehearsal. I’m kind of a do-it-yourself artist, so I did everything from the fashion of the video to the storyline, hiring camera people, the choreography. I like to do it all on my own.” Although many artists wouldn’t have been able to juggle all the responsibilities of shooting a video, Benham said it was all in a day’s work. “This is what I love to do,” she said, “so it was a lot of fun.”Singing since 7 years oldBenham split her time growing up between Hillsboro and Ipswich, England, where her father is originally from. “I used to spend my summer in Ipswich,” she said. “I absolutely loved it.” She has been performing since she was 3 years old and was writing original music soon after. “I started singing at 7 years old.” The artist said that Hoboken was a natural choice for a city girl.“I always wanted to live close to the [Manhattan] so Hoboken is perfect for me,” Benham said. “I can hop on the bus and hit up class.”Benham studies everything from “ballet to hip hop to jazz funk” at the Broadway Dance Center. Although the artist is a well-rounded dancer, dancing is just a part of a budding pop star’s training. “I just try to keep up that part of me,” Benham said, “being a performing artist.”When asked whether her life has changed since first writing “My Life” eight years ago, Benham was emphatic. “Without a doubt,” she said. In 2008, she sat on the DJ Times International Artist Panel – a roundtable where long-time artists give advice to young talents. Two other notable participants at the conference: Deborah Cox and Lady Gaga. “That was when [the Lady Gaga song] ‘Just Dance’ was about to drop,” she said. “It’s about lending your experience in the business to younger artists. It was awesome.” Read more: Hudson Reporter - My Life New music video shot in Hoboken” - Sean Allocca

Hudson Reporter

Andrea IS BACK!!!  After going through such a tragedy in her life, she didn’t allow it to hold her back from doing what she loves!  Writing, singing and performing…   She is an inspiration to everyone that no matter what you go through you can overcome it.  She is the best! -Shawna May, “Shawna and LaLa On The Radio   Shawna May Shawna On The Radio PO Box 507 Slate Hill, NY 10973 (845) 355-SHOW (7469) ” - Shawna White

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But it ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward." ~ Rocky Balboa This week my guest is singer songwriter, Andrea Benham. This lady didn't just get up swinging, she got up singing! Join me and guest co-host Joel Dougherty (apparently he did survive crossfit) for the "shiftiest" hour in radio!” - Fran Holida

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