Meatball Madness! Meet the Prez

Last December I walked into a bar in Hoboken, NJ to visit a friend of mine who was working. I sat down and started talking to Dale Monaco who is a Hoboken native, born and raised in Hudson County. Dale told me about her family's Italian restaurant GP's which has 2 locations, Jersey City and Guttenberg NJ. I also learned of her dream of opening a Meatball Cart in Hoboken. As we sat there she learned of my music and I learned of her love for EDM superstars Above and Beyond. There was lots to chat about. In May 2014, GP's Meatball Cart was born and it is the most amazing and reasonable priced sandwich that you can get in Hoboken. Every Sunday from 11:30-4pm there is a line and huge demand for GP's meatballs in Elysian Park and Maxwell Park. With Summer in full swing take the family to the park, enjoy the amazing skyline, and have a meatball!!

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