Here we Go AMERICA

So since my last entry, I was thinking about writing a book because so many people ask me how do I get through all of this. I have been writing the book. I want to give a big Thank You to my Family and Friends who have stayed with me. This is the hardest experience I have ever been through. I thought I was being sent back to work to find out that work will no take me back in my disabled condition.  I continue to still sing and write music and try to keep the faith up. I've had to get used to this new look of mine without the relationships I had. I am happy Trump is in Office because I didn't like how the Country was being run. MY New song is called I Got This with Pepe D and it flat out says how I feel about the situation I have been faced with. As a songwriter, I don't care how people take the record as long as they know to DANCE to the song and not give up. I could have given up so many times and I have yet to. Thank you to Music Cares, Elks Hoboken and those who have helped me keep a roof over my head.