Survivor Story/ Kessler

Hello, my name is Andrea Benham and it was 2015 when my accident happened. I was born in the beautiful town of Princeton NJ which is famous for it’s college and Albert Einstien.  I currently live in Weehawken, NJ and have loved living here because of it’s closeness to New York City. I am a singer songwriter. I was Grammy Nominated in 2011 for Best Dance Recording and was very active with Women in Music. I love music and how it can change people for the good.

I obtained my brain injury when I was walking out of a store and a man went through a stop sign and ran me over. I don’t remember anything from accident. I just remember waking up in a hospital. I was in the hospital in a coma for a month, my nose was broken, my jaw was broken, and I lost the vision in my right eye. I don’t remember much from the hospital except my room faced World Trade Center. I didn’t understand what happened to me until we sat down with my attorney and my Mom was discussing my case with him with what had really happened. I remained with my Mom and Step-Dad for months and then I was ready to come home. I was very positive when I was staying with them, thinking I could beat this but when I came home to live on my own all my friends moved on with their life. I then realized that it was time for me to get some help and go to Kessler. I went to Kessler in Chester and then transferred to West Orange because it was closer to me. It was a hard pill for me to swallow but I had to come to terms with it and I am happy I did.

What is different now? Everything is different now. I have learned to stand on my own with this injury. A majority of my friends are no longer my friends anymore. I think some people can only take so much and they have moved on with their life. If anything this injury has taught me to value relationships and people in a different light. I hope that I can be a positive public figure and make music that can really make a difference.

Because of this incident I was not able to work or pay my rent and that is where Musiccares came in and really helped me out. This organization was a huge help to me when this happened.

I hope in 10 years I will give the world a classic record and finally obtain a Grammy, then I can say my recovery is finalized. I would like to get married and share my life with someone, I never wanted that before. That’s the new me. Music has always been important but sharing it hasn’t.