Make a Statement!

I think it's really important when we do something in life, we make a statement. I Won't Cave the video will be released in 2 weeks from today and I hope when you see the video or as I like to call it my mini movie, you  become aware that Domestic Violence exist. Just because you think you know 2 people in a relationship, you have no idea what happens behind closed doors. Being a songwriter, I am able to put into words and let the world read my diary through music. This video is sure insight of what a true domestic violence relationship looks like. Under no circumstance is this type of relationship normal or okay. Over the years I have seen so many women sacrifice their dignity, self respect, jobs, children, and lives because they are too afraid to get away from the comfort and regularity of a domestic violence relationship. I remember standing in line auditioning for XFactor and my Ex was texting me telling me to come home because I would never make the final audition, I listened to him and came home. A year later, he was out of my life and I met someone the same day of my audition who encouraged me and was really excited that I was auditioning. Here in NY, I made it to the top 100 out of 18,000 people. I was so proud of myself and grateful that God gave me another chance to prove to myself that I could do this.  There is no room or time in life for disrespect, lying, cheating, and raising a hand to someone else. Relationships are meant to be loving, caring, supportive. If you are not happy... GET OUT! Don't Cave! Live your life love what you do! Have a great day! XO