Andrea Benham is a recording artist with songs that are signed to MisWax Records, Kult Records, NYC Traxx/Universal, and DreaMuzic. Andrea's debut single was Reincarnation follwed by Free, Overcome, My Life, Dance With You Tonight, Reincarnation 2K12, I Won't Cave, Flight, I Got This and Fences. All of Andrea's singles have reached national and international radio play.

Born in Princeton, NJ and raised in 2 small towns of Hillsborough, NJ and Woodbridge, England. Andrea worked hard at singing, songwriting, and dancing. She is a muli-talented artist who lives her life wanting to help others through music and performance. Andrea has been entertaining audiences since the age of 3. At age 7 Andrea began songwriting. She has continued to write songs every day. She has written such songs as On God's Side, Reincarnation, Good-Bye, My Life, and Dance With You Tonight. She is well-known for songwriting that compliments pop dance music.

In 1996, Andrea performed for the NY Giants halftime show entertaining a crowd of 76,000. That same year, Andrea also began dancing at the Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan where she currently still takes classes. While in college Andrea accepted an internship at Billboard Magazine in Manhattan to work for their Special Events Department. Andrea graduated in January 2003 from Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, NJ with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

In March 2006 Andrea was found on by the worldwide famous duo remixers, the Klubjumpers who heard the original Reincarnation. The Klubjumpers remixed Reincarnation and it was signed to Miswax Records. Reincarnation reached national and international radio play. Reincarnation charted in record pools all across the country and landed on the DJ Times chart in the summer of '06. Reincarnation the video was shot in Nutley, NJ and was directed by Freddy Espisito.

In May of 2006 Andrea was back in the studio recording Free, a record she wrote in 2001. Andrea Released Free on her own label DreaMuzic and once again landed on national and international radio. Andrea's second single titled Free that she wrote and was remixed by Klubjumpers, De Lorean, Brian Howe, Angel Manuel, Johnny C. Free was released on DreaMuzic and has reached the airwaves on WMPH Super 91 7, Hawaii 105, XM BPM, Sirius The Beat, and Boston's Kiss 108. 

In 2008, Andrea wrote and recorded Overcome with Giuseppe D. Overcome was remixed by Rooster and Peralta, Asi Givati, Seifert and Krash. Overcome was released on Kult Records. In 2008 Andrea sat on the DJ Times Internantional Artist Panel with Lady Gaga, Judy Torres, Jes, and Chris Willis. Overcome broke out on XM BPM, WMPH, and New York's Dance Station Pulse 87.

In 2009, Andrea submitted her next single, "My Life" to the USA Songwriting Competetion and it won honorable mention song of the year! "My Life" is remixed by DJ Russ Harris, DJ Riddler, and Mike Bordes. My Life became Andrea's first submission for a Grammy Nomination in 2010.

Andrea and DJ Renegade released Dance With You Tonight on NYC Traxx/Universal which landed Andrea in the top 15 for a Grammy Nomination for Best Dance Recording in 2012.

In 2012 Andrea teamed up with The Scene Kings and Klubjumpers to release Reincarnation 2K12 to celebrate 5 years of being in the industry. 

In 2013, Andrea released her most successful single, I Won't Cave. I Won't Cave was written by Andrea Benham and Blessing Offor. I Won't Cave was written to prevent Domestic Violence. I Won't Cave is being played on radio currently in Australia, UK, Canada, Spain, Germany, Japan, Greece, USA, and Italy, Andrea has performed in the EDM capital of the world, Ibiza and debuted I Won't Cave. Andrea was nominated for Female Artist of the Year for the Hoboken Music Awards for 2013. 

In 2014, I Won't Cave reached international radio play and club play. Andrea and Blessing Offor met p and wrote Andrea's new single, Flight. Flight is produced by 2 time Grammy Winner, Dave Clauss. Flight was released on 8/11/14.

In 2015 Andrea was struck as a pedestrian losing her vision in her right eye and was in a coma for a month. Andrea went to Kessler for 3 months for her brain injury.

In 2016, Andrea wrote and recorded a new single reflecting her traumatic accident called I Got This, produced by Giuseppe D. This song was released on 12/5/16 and has a way to get everyone involved. I Got This holds the number one spot on the Kings of Spins Chart. The music video was released on 5/10/17

I Got This  has been submitted for a Grammy Nomination for Best Dance Recording.

In 2016 Andrea recorded a new song Fences which is about her dear friend John who suddenly passed away in 2014. Andrea is the sole songwriter on Fences. Fences is mixed by Bimbo Jones, KC Anderson and Giuseppe D. Fences will be out on 7/28/17 and has been submitted for a Grammy Nomination for Best Dance Recording.

Andrea is an NARAS, WIM, and SESAC Member